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The mission of the Community Safety Committee is to partner with the Portland’s crime prevention services offered through the Office of Civic Life (formerly ONI). This partnership supports our Sellwood-Moreland community to prevent crime, reduce the fear of crime, increase livability and get neighbors involved in community policing efforts.


Attend SMILE community meetings on the first Wednesday of each month. Details here.

Read meeting minutes here.

Attend a Neighbors Together training.


Public Safety Resources publication

Report crimes, call for help

When to call 9-1-1
Calling 9-1-1 from a cell phone
9-1-1 for non-English speakers
Call 503-823-3333 for non-emergencies
Report a crime online

Crime Prevention  —  Visit the Office of Civic Life website

Abandoned shopping carts  – The NFM Cart Rescue is sponsored by most larger grocery stores. Their message phone is: 1 (888) 55-CARTS (or 1-888-552-2787). They retrieve carts owned by:

  • Safeway, Fred Meyer, Albertsons, Whole Food, QFC and WinCo
  • If it’s not from one of the stores above, you’ll have to call the nonparticipating store directly and ask to speak with the Manager.

When calling tell them:

  • the exact location (if in front of a house–the address, if near a power pole–the PGE pole number, on a corner–which quadrant of the intersection, etc.)
  • the city it’s in
  • the store it’s from
  • your name and phone number so they can call you, if needed


Alarm FAQ’s
Residential alarm permit application
Preventing false alarms at home
Commercial/business alarm permit application
Preventing false alarms in businesses

Statistics and reports

Crime Statistics
Get a copy of a police report