Whether your interests are development, transportation, the environment, homelessness, community safety, or emergency preparedness, there’s a place for you to learn, discuss, and participate.

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  • Land Use Committee: Land Use focuses on development-related issues, including reviewing and responding to land use notices such as city zoning code adjustments, building design reviews, lot division requests, and greenway reviews.
  • Transportation Committee: Transportation focuses on issues specific to the Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood, including auto, pedestrian, bicycle and public transit concerns.
  • SNAC (Stewardship of Natural Amenities Committee): The goal of SNAC is to address issues and opportunities involving natural amenities within and adjacent to our neighborhood. SNAC includes our partner committee, Friends of Oaks Bottom.
  • Housing Solutions Committee: This committee is a forum for neighbors to discuss, learn, and agree on actions we can take to have a positive impact on our local houselessness and homelessness situation.
  • Emergency Preparedness Committee: The EPC was established to help all of us prepare for earthquakes, fires, floods, and other emergencies.
  • Community Safety Committee: This committee partners with Portland’s Office of Civic Life to help promote a safe community environment.

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