SNAC Event 1Stewardship of Natural Amenities Committee (SNAC)

The goal of the Stewardship of Natural Amenities Committee (SNAC) is to enable SMILE to effectively address issues and opportunities involving natural amenities within and adjacent to our neighborhood to inspire continued stewardship of our neighborhood green spaces.

We do this in the Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood by……

Identifying sites to steward and maintain.
Harnessing volunteer efforts.
Integrating community building opportunities when possible.
Creating learning landscapes and educational opportunities for all.
Engaging our site partners to keep the stewardship momentum moving forward.

Sellwood-Moreland has an abundance of natural resources and opportunities to enjoy nature.  Over the years several formal and informal ad-hoc SMILE committees have formed to preserve and enhance these amenities, including  Friends of Oaks Bottom, the Springwater Corridor Committee, the Golf Junction Park Committee, the Crystal Springs Collaborative, and the Tree Inventory Committee.  Interest has waxed and waned over time and some of the groups have become dormant.  SNAC strives to attract a dedicated group of neighborhood residents who pay attention to the topics that inspired these committees in the first place, and to address new issues and opportunities as they arise.


Subscribe to SNAC Mailing List.  You will receive information on upcoming neighborhood happenings, SNAC meetings, working group activities and other volunteer opportunities.

Attend a SNAC Committee meeting. SNAC meets monthly on the first Wednesday at 6pm at the SMILE Station.

Volunteer for a Stewardship Saturday on the 4th Saturday of the month. Check the SMILE calendar for location.

Contact the SNAC Committee Chair.


The Sellwood Gap Project (Springwater Meadows) – A community-driven project to improve wildlife habitat along the Springwater Corridor Trail.

Oaks Bottom Overlook Project  – Meet your new pocket park and Backyard Habitat Demonstration Project!

Friends of Oaks Bottom – The Friends of Oaks Bottom is dedicated to the preservation of the largest remaining natural area in the Willamette River’s lower floodplain. They engage the surrounding communities and the city of Portland at large in conserving this unique natural area through education and volunteer work. Their goal is to connect people to the nature and wildlife encompassed by Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge.

Friends of Moreland Woods – The Friends of Moreland Woods is dedicated to protecting the wooded open space between Wilhelm’s funeral home and Llewellyn Elementary.  For more information and to get involved, visit

Sellwood Westmoreland Street Tree Project – Thanks to the hard work and generosity of two Sellwood residents, the Sellwood commerical district will be gaining 16 new street trees!  Neighbors Sue Schubert and Karla Rowe came up with the idea to offer free street trees to local businesses, including three years of water and maintenance, in 2016, and spent two years contacting business and property owners, offering donated trees and maintenance to help beautify the commercial district and create shade and habitat during our hot, dry summers.  The project wrapped up in Fall, 2019.  If anyone is interested in hearing more about the project, continuing it further or expanding it to other areas, contact:  Sue Schubert  ( ) or Karla Rowe (


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Community Advocates

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