Members of the Community Safety Committee (CSC) will strive to uphold these values in all
their activities related to SMILE:

Responsiveness – SMILE CSC represents members of the Sellwood-Moreland
community and so has a responsibility to acknowledge and respond to community safety
concerns brought to it.

Collaboration – SMILE CSC proactively seeks to share information and find areas of
potential collaboration with other stakeholders, including other SMILE Committees,
businesses, schools, District Coalitions, the Portland Police Bureau, non-profit
organizations, and the public directly, through social media.

Transparency – SMILE CSC’s meetings and their minutes are open to the public. CSC
does not make important decisions in secrecy. CSC shares what it knows about safety
issues with the community, in the interest of preempting rumors and enabling residents to
make more informed decisions.

Legality – SMILE CSC is lawful. It rejects vigilantism and recognizes that the
enforcement of the law is the purview of law enforcement agencies, not neighborhood
associations or individuals.

Courage – It often takes courage to speak or act in the fraught realm of crime and
community safety. Where the reason not to act is merely “that would sure take courage,”

CSC membership voted unanimously to approve this statement on December 20th, 2023.