Q.  How do I become a candidate for the SMILE Board?

  1. Prepare a brief Candidate Statement (500 words or less) which will be published on the SMILE website and in paper form.  Email your Candidate Statement ASAP to: Vikki DeGaa at: vdegaa@comcast.net.  Please use the following format:
    • Name and contact information.
    • Are you eligible to become a SMILE Board member?  Y/N  (SMILE by-laws require candidates must live, work, or own property or a business in Sellwood-Moreland.)
    • What experience do you bring with you?
    • What are your thoughts about the neighborhood?
    • Why we should vote for you?
  1. Attend the SMILE membership meeting on Wednesday, May 5th at 7:30. To receive the Zoom link you must sign up in advance at: MeetingRSVP@sellwood.org. 
  2. Nominations will be accepted from the floor during the meeting.
  3. Each candidate will be invited to make a brief (3 – 5 minute) presentation.
  4. All candidates will be notified of the election results via email no later than Saturday, May 8th.
  5. Questions? Concerns?  Contact Elaine O’Keefe at elaine_okeefe@comcast.net or Jim Friscia at jimfriscia@gmail.com