On Wednesday, August 3rd SMILE hosted a meeting with QFC representatives to discuss security issues at the store.  They laid out their plan to remove the Can-Do machine on Milwaukie Avenue and replace it with an account-based bottle drop system in the rear of the building. The majority of people in attendance support the idea.  Understandably, some residents who live immediately adjacent to the store have concerns about noise and loitering that might come with the change.  They asked for more information about the legal process QFC will follow to allow the proposed change, and assurances that truck traffic other than brief, occasional can/bottle pick-up will be strictly prohibited. Many people expressed ongoing concerns about store security, customer and employee safety, shoplifting and teenager’s access to alcohol.

 At the end of the meeting it was agreed that SMILE will host a second community meeting.  A QFC representative will bring information about the steps involved in modifying the current zoning and/or agreements that prohibit truck access to the back lot.  QFC’s plans for addressing the security issues noted above and the overall condition of the store will also be included on the meeting agenda.  The meeting date and time will be announced  soon.