Due to the many, many challenges our communities have been facing over the last two years, and because there is a necessity for Neighborhood Associations, such as SMILE, to evolve, adapt and better represent the needs, interests and concerns of neighbors, SMILE has been working to focus its efforts in response to the ever-changing needs and demographics of the Sellwood-Moreland community. This work has been carried out through the all-volunteer efforts of our committees (both existing and creating new ones such as our Housing Solutions Committee) and our all-volunteer board.

With the help of the SE Uplift Neighborhood Coalition we have created a set of beliefs and values for SMILE that will guide all our efforts in the years ahead. We are now in the process of creating a robust, but simple, plan to put those values into action for the benefit of all of us who live or work in, and visit, our Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood in line with SMILE’s mission and purpose.

Please read our values and beliefs HERE.

The SMILE board and committees are only as strong as the people who join them. We believe that it is essential for new, diverse and under-represented voices to be heard, to be in leadership roles, and that we all work together to nurture a strong, healthy, safe, vibrant and joyful community.

We welcome all to join us and look forward to our collective efforts to help Sellwood-Moreland flourish in the years ahead.