Stewardship of Natural Amenities Committee (SNAC)

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About the SMILE Stewardship of Natural Amenities Committee (SNAC)

The Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood has an abundance of natural resources and opportunities for enjoying nature.  Over the years SMILE has created a number of formal and informal ad-hoc committees committed to preserving and enhancing various natural amenities within the neighborhood. Examples include the Friends of Oaks Bottom, the Springwater Corridor Committee, the Golf Junction Park Committee, the Crystal Springs Collaborative, the Tree Inventory Committee and our partnership with Friends of Trees.  While interest in many of these committees has waxed and waned over time and some of the committees have become dormant, there is a continuing benefit to keeping a core group of SMILE members paying attention to the topics that inspired these committee in the first place.

The goal of SNAC is to enable SMILE to effectively address issues and opportunities involving natural amenities found within and adjacent to the neighborhood. While the focus of the committee will change with the passage of time and interest of its members, SNAC hopes to draw a dedicated core of neighborhood residents to provide long-term involvement in the overall quality of the natural environment in Sellwood-Moreland.

SNAC meets on the first Wednesday of each month from 6-7:15pm at the SMILE Station (SE 13th and Tenino). The best way to stay up to date on SNAC activities and related events is by joining the SNAC email listserve.


The Sellwood Gap Project

Oaks Bottom Overlook Project

Farm My Yard (information coming soon!)


Oaks Bottom Overlook Community Forum: 7-8:30pm, Tuesday, April 22 at the SMILE Station (SE 13th + Tenino). The Oaks Bottom Overlook Working Group invites you to come preview draft design plans for this proposed pocket park at the curve of SE 13th and Bybee Blvd. and share your feedback.

Sellwood Gap Survey Results Presentation: 7-8pm, Monday, May 12th at the  SMILE Station (SE 13th + Tenino) Come learn the results of all the public input received on the Sellwood Gap project including early design charrettes, two on-site events last summer, two public forums held this winter and over 350 survey responses. The working group will report on the findings which will inform the design plans for these new public spaces along the Springwater Corridor Trail.

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