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Land Use Committee Meeting Agenda – July 6

Agenda 600-605PM: Introductions 605-715PM: Recommend comments on the proposal from the Residential Infill Project for SMILE Board to consider submitting.  The purpose of this meeting is to discuss and decide upon recommendations.  This is a complex proposal that will not be summarized at this meeting; visit to learn more about the proposal.  We will continue […]

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General Meeting Agenda – July 6

General Meeting Agenda 7:30p.m.  Welcome – Introductions 7:40p.m.  Review and pass minutes of June 1 General Meeting 7:45p.m.  Presentation and discussion of the 2017 repaving of McLaughlin Blvd. and Neighborhood Pollution Concerns – Nichole Peirce and Rich Watanabe, Oregon Department of Transportation. For more information: 8:15p.m.  Park-to-Park Walkway Project Report – Bradley Heinz, Coordinator

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Free Backyard Habitat Workshop, July 18, 6:30p.m.

Are you interested in helping pollinators and birds thrive at Springwater Meadows (AKA the Sellwood Gap)? Did you know you can make a difference in your very own yard? To learn how, the SMILE Stewardship of Natural Amenities Committee (SNAC) invites you to a FREE Backyard Habitat Certification workshop July 18th, 6:30 pm, at the […]

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Bureau of Planning and Sustainability Proposes Zoning Changes

The City of Portland has proposed changes to the zoning rules for single-dwelling zones (Residential Infill Project) and is now accepting public comment.  This proposal is complex and if adopted would be a significant change to the single-dwelling zoning rules in much of SMILE (58% of area) and the City.  The Bureau of Planning and […]

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FAQ Sheet for the McLoughlin Resource Center for Homeless Women and Couples

Transition Projects FAQSheet for the McLoughlin Resource Center  What is the McLoughlin Resource Center?  The McLoughlin Resource Center is a shelter and service center for about 120 people experiencing homelessness. The program is an intentional, strategic component of A Home for Everyone — a community-wide effort to house homeless Multnomah County citizens. Projected opening: Fall 2016  What are the […]

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Comp Plan Testimony Presented to City Council April 14, 2016

The following documents were written by the SMILE Land Use Committee in response to the City of Portland Comprehensive Plan Amendments brought by members of the City Council. We thank the Land Use Committee participants for their many hours spent researching these complex issues and developing cogent positions as our SMILE representatives to the City. […]

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