Board Meeting Agenda, April 17, 2013

Sellwood Moreland Improvement League

Board Meeting Agenda

April 17, 2013


7:30 Welcome, introductions, pass minutes


7:40 Sellwood Community Center Update

Discussion leader — Kevin Downing

Decision to be made — Endorsement of preparation of business plan to present to City


8:00 Purchase of Cordless Electric Mower

Discussion leader — Mat Millenbach

Decision to be made — whether to buy lawn mower for use by volunteers at Golf Junction Park and other SMILE managed properties such as proposed Oaks Bluff Park


8:20 Mid-year Budget Review

Discussion leader — Pat Hainley

Decision to be made — None


8:40 Annual Meeting Status (Election process, committee reports at May 1 meeting)

Discussion leader — Mat Millenbach

Decisions to be made — Arrangements for meeting


9:00 Adjourn


Next General Meeting — May 1, 2013

Next Board Meeting — May 15, 2013

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