Board meeting agenda, March 20, 2013

Sellwood Moreland Improvement League

Board Meeting Agenda

March 20, 2013


7:30 Welcome, introductions, pass minutes


7:40 Annual Bird Festival in Sellwood Park

Discussion leader — Sue Thomas, Portland Parks and Recreation

Decision to be made — $500 contribution to help support the festival


7:50 SNAC Committee Chair update/Oaks Bluff Path and Park

Discussion leaders — Mat Millenbach/Nanci Champlin

Decision to be made — SMILE as fiscal agent to hold and manage grants


8:10 Tenino Street safety

Discussion leaders — Paul Notti, Tom Ramsey

Decision to be made — Resolution regarding next steps to be taken to improve safety issues


8:40 Appeal of plan for apartment building at SE Tacoma and 23rd

Discussion leaders — Ellen Burr, Lisa Brown

Decision to be made — Reimbursement for legal fees related to this appeal (the board may convene an executive session to discuss consultation with legal counsel and to deliberate on the presentation of testimony regarding this appeal)


9:00 Adjourn


Next General Meeting — April 3, 2013

Next Board Meeting — April 17, 2013

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