SMILE Board Meeting, June 20, 2012

Sellwood Moreland Improvement League
Board Meeting Agenda
June 20, 2012

7:30 Welcome, introductions, pass minutes

7:40 Springwater Corridor
Discussion leader — Tina Osterink
Decision to be made — Final draft of plan to be approved; next steps on discussions with City and Metro planners

8:00 Comprehensive Plan Update & Tacoma Street Project Action Plan
Discussion leader — Matt Wickstrom
Decision to be made — SMILE strategy for participating in both planning efforts

8:15 SE Uplift Land Use Committee Update
Discussion leader — Ellen Burr
Decision to be made — None

8:25 Llewellyn School Art Project
Discussion leader — Philip Krain
Decision to be made — Level of SMILE involvement in project

8:35 Penstemon Fund Grant
Discussion leader — Kevin Downing
Decision to be made — Approval of grant request

8:45 Overnight Sleeping Program at Moreland Presbyterian Church
Discussion leader — Mat Millenbach
Decision to be made — Board action on motions approved at SMILE General meeting of June 6, 2012; this will be primarily a working session of the Board with only a limited public comment opportunity because of the necessity to move this issue along and because of the earlier extensive public comments offered at the May 16 and June 6 SMILE meetings and at the June 4 Moreland Presbyterian Church meeting.

9:00 Adjourn

Next Board Meeting — July 18, 2012
Next General Meeting — August 1, 2012
Sundae in the Park — August 5, 2012

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