Neighborhood Mayoral Candidate Forum, November 16

Charlie Hale, candidate for mayor, has agreed to meet in a town hall setting sponsored by the neighborhoods of Reedway, Eastmoreland, Sellwood Moreland and Hosford Abernethy. Reed College is hosting the meeting at the Vollum Lounge at 7:00 P.M. on Wednesday, November 16th.

This will be the first of three sessions for mayoral candidates. We have invited Eileen Brady in December, and Jefferson Smith in February. Many southeast Portland residents feel forgotten by city hall. Cuts in city services, and indifference to increasing levels of pollution in residential neighborhoods appear to reflect city hall’s focus on special interests and agendas.

This session will concentrate on local issues such as:
What will the new mayor do to address the increasing noise and pollution at the Union Pacific Rail Yard in Brooklyn?
How will historic southeast neighborhoods be protected against development that imperils their character and livability?
Where is the long promised community center at the Washington/Monroe high school?
What is being done on the Sellwood Bridge, the poorly designed Bybee Light Rain station, and the postponed Harold Street Light Rail Station?
How will you partner with the neighborhoods in the face of tight budgets?
Will the city protected homeowners from cell tower placement in their front yards?

If we expect to live in a city where city hall recognizes our interests and not those of special interests we need to speak out. This is your chance to test the candidates commitment to inner southeast Portland.

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